jueves, 9 de agosto de 2012

Caramelized pecan nuts

Nut paradise

I don’t want you to think I’m obsessed with pecan nuts, because, really… I’M TOTALLY OBSESSED with them. Nuts about them! Though I hated them yesterday. I mean, don't look a gift horse in the mouse, right? But I was starting to think I would get mad shelling them. I went to buy a nutcracker because my poor thumbs couldn’t stand another cut. Even once, very cavewoman-like, I used a pair of scissors in my primitive attempt to open one nut. Yep, that’s how far my love goes for this nuts.


For 2 cups


2 cups pecan nuts halves
3 tbsp butter
3 tbsp honey
2 teaspoons sugar
Pinch of salt  

NOTE: you can use any nut, or even a mix. I sometimes mix almonds, walnuts, and pecan, or hazelnuts and cashews. ANY combination is going to be great.


1. Oven at 400ºF.

2. If you have them shelled like me (not recommended), you have to put them in boiling water for 10 'and let them cool on a towel, until cool.

3. With a nutcracker, because otherwise you're going to run out of fingers, you start to break them over the edge, slowly. And if possible, you try to get the whole nut. They are quite oily, much more than the walnuts, and therefore have weaker meat, so they easily fall apart if you're a little rough at breaking the shells.

TOTAL excuse to show my beautiful nail polish. No comments are accepted on the badly painted nail.

4. Mix honey and butter in 10" batches in the microwave until they are homogeneous, but not very melted, so they stick better.

5. In a cookie sheet, put wax paper, or better, a silicone mat (all the candy gets stuck and you can eat it later!). Do not ever use foil! It is impossible to remove the nuts once cooled. Believe me, I made this recipe a thousand times before buying a Silpat and I went crazy taking off silver pieces.

6. Bake for 5 '. Scrap them a bit with an spatula so they bake evenly. You'll see some of them a bit browner. At this time we add the sugar and salt.

7. Return to the oven for 5’ more. Meanwhile, you're preparing a rack to cool. Do not forget to put down a source, other plate, whatever, to catch them from falling through the rack, (if it has large holes), or candy, as it can ruin the surface where you put it.

8. I added a little MORE of sugar and salt, because I'm a greedy and always think it needs more and more. ‘Course, is a matter of taste, I love my salt in sweets because it helps to enhance flavor, it's like a surprise.

9. Once cooled, you can keep them in an airtight container, a mason jar, for example and they easily last one week. In my hands, not even two days!


As the nuts were a gift from a person who has a tree at home, I felt I should return the gesture, so I put in a jam jar and added a little design, attached it for you in this post.

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  1. I love pecans, too! It's impossible to find them in Necochea, but I recently traveled to Entre Ríos, where they sell them all over the place. I treated myself to a kilo, but I regret not having bought more. These sugar-coated pecans are great in salads for a nice crunch...or just to snack on.

    1. Katie! Just saw this. I have to really start paying attention to my English version. Pecans are absolutely AWESOME! Quite expensive in Capital Federal, but now I have an excuse to travel to Entre Ríos.
      I love them in salads! Well, sweet & salty it's something I can't say no to.
      Thank you again for coming!