My name is Micaela, I'm 24 years old and I'm addicted to baking.
Uff! I took that weight off my shoulders.

Now, seriously: I love cooking since I have memory, but I have a BIG place in my heart reserved for sweets. In fact, almost 100%!
A few years ago I discovered blogs, looking for homemade peanut butter (recipe will come/recipe in the link). I met a wonderful world, where people share from recipes to anecdotes, photos and life stories.
It was a long debate to finally decide to open IMPRIMERIE, a kind of project that did not quite take shape. In the end, I decided it was what had to be: a concoction of recipes and design, a log of sweet dreams and colored paper.

Welcome to my world!

Ah! And some random things about me 

  1. I'm afraid of my own shadow   
  2. I have a love, almost bordering on obsession, for Harry Potter 
  3. I can not do popcorn in a pot, but I make a great caramel 
  4. I'm perfectly capable of spending 1/4 of my salary in chocolate 
  5. I think Disney is the happiest place on earth, fought head to head with the feeling of sharing a hot chocolate with the love of my life  
  6. I have 3 sisters. Each wonderful in their individuality

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